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Page not found - Jayce - 07.05.2018

Hello, I've already asked in a different post but I guess it's kinda serious so I thought I'd make a standalone post.

Recently I tried to make Amazon Echo Dot play on amati.linea. I had to update the firmware since it was pretty old. I downloaded the firmware from the official /firmwares site and this happened. Whenever I try to connect to the amati.linea through my web browser, I end up with the first attachment image. If I go straight to /flashsys page I get second attachment. Any ideas on how to fix this? 

Thank you in advance.

RE: Page not found - admin - 07.05.2018

You probably installed an outdated firmware over a newer one (firmware downgrade is not supported). You need to do recovery (http://openrb.com/reflash-logicmachine3-and-streaming-player-software/) and then install this FW: http://dl.openrb.com/audio/imx28-20180313.img