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Eibd service - Mr.D - 19.06.2018

The SpaceLYnk/Logic Machine uses an eibd service to monitor and talk to the KNX bus I assume... Is there a way for a third party to connect to this eibd service?
I am running a homebridge the requires a connection to an eibd or knxd service... I have used a KNXD service that is running on the multicast from the SpaceLYnk, however the KNXD is more unstable and at times it drops packets, thus making the homebridge show wrong statuses in my Home app. I was thinking that connecting the homebridge directly to the eibd in the SpaceLYnk would make for a much more stable solution since the SpaceLYnk has proved to be 110% reliable!

RE: Eibd service - admin - 22.06.2018

No, this is not possible

RE: Eibd service - Mr.D - 22.06.2018

(22.06.2018, 08:19)admin Wrote: No, this is not possible

That's too bad, but thanks for your feedback Smile

RE: Eibd service - gjniewenhuijse - 26.03.2023

Any update on this?

Because homebridge with LM as eibd/knxd engine looks perfect.

RE: Eibd service - admin - 27.03.2023

LM will have Homekit support soon. Most likely beta version will be published next month.