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Camera image/stream window coordinates - AlexLV - 16.01.2019

Hi guys,

is possible somehow add coordinates at visu for camera's stream window to show it at constant coordinates? For me it opens at low right corner and not fully seen at visu screen. Maybe possible to add such options to RC2? Also good to disable camera icon for mobile devices, not all of them can show stream from camera but icon exist..


RE: Camera image/stream window coordinates - admin - 17.01.2019

You can use this Custom JavaScript for fixed window position. Set "Additional classes" for camera element to camera. Change top/left coordinates as needed. We'll see if "Hide in Touch" can be implemented for cameras.

  var btn = $('.camera'), win = btn.next();

  btn.on('vclick', function() {
    if (!win.hasClass('hide')) {
      win.css({ top: 100, left: 300 });

RE: Camera image/stream window coordinates - AlexLV - 17.01.2019

Admin, big thanks!!

RE: Camera image/stream window coordinates - lenze90 - 04.05.2019

I would also like to display a camera stream in the visualization. How exactly do I do that? Can Mosaic App do that too?

RE: Camera image/stream window coordinates - AlexLV - 05.05.2019

Hi Smile

It is simply but depends from camera's brand. For Hikvision you need configure 2nd stream MJPEG type. At visu at camera add such link:


Save. At visu you will see your camera real-time video-stream. Please note it is working at Mozilla. if you have Hikvision camera, you can send data from your LM/SL/HL to camera as metadata and you will see it at your camera's image. More details here:


For other camera brands try to configure 2nd stream as MJPEG and try to find link how open such stream of your camera.

Hope all works,