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Visualization templates - edgars - 14.01.2016

I would like to open a thread where our community members are welcome to post visualization examples you have created and ready to share with others.
Preferably, attach some screenshots of your visualization and backup of the whole system or structure.

Here are some example templates for iPad visualization (horizontal and vertical).

Hope this helps!

RE: Visualization templates - edgars - 14.01.2016

Here is another example made by our Russian colleagues.

RE: Visualization templates - edgars - 14.01.2016

Another working visualization example (Russian interface)

RE: Visualization templates - edgars - 21.01.2016

Some visualization screenshot examples shared by Joep van den Aker from www.knxgroep.nl

RE: Visualization templates - phongvucba - 26.10.2016

you can upload some more interface for phones?
some user interface example javascript or css files? thank everyone for sharing.
I find this very useful item. thank all

RE: Visualization templates - edgars - 14.12.2016

See attached (with permission of =S= CZ) another nice visualization example done by Schneider Electric CZ. 
The idea is to hide most control elements and do the job by using transparent icons.

RE: Visualization templates - svetoslavp - 24.06.2019

Hello everyone,
Is there any chance to download the last project from Schneider Electric CZ? I would like to take some of the ideas in it for my project.
Thank you!

RE: Visualization templates - P_marienborg - 01.03.2021

Anyone willing to share? I am looking for examples in English that I can use as a test visualization.

RE: Visualization templates - P_marienborg - 18.01.2022

Anyone willing to share their backup of a visualization thats programmed in English?

RE: Visualization templates - huunhat011 - 24.08.2022

Is anyone willing to share their backup of an English programmed visualization? i'm looking for examples that i can use in my real test visualization