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Caching files on client - buuuudzik - 19.03.2019

How can I configure caching files for app files? I've created a few apps and today I've checked if caching is working but I see that unfortunately noSad

RE: Caching files on client - admin - 19.03.2019

All static files are cached unless you have something misconfigured on client side or in your app. Server will return 304 code when client is requesting cached files.

RE: Caching files on client - buuuudzik - 19.03.2019

But I see that this is probably also on every device because I have same situation on mobile and normal visu. E.g. every image is loaded every time. I don't see any catching. This is not on the latest firmware but this is not very new issue. I will check this more close and also on the newest firmware.

RE: Caching files on client - buuuudzik - 20.03.2019

I've checked today on the latest firmware and situation is the same, and also with Mosaic, Visu and Apps, all files instead fonts are downloaded again on every refreshing by F5. I have the same on Firefox, Chrome and mobile. At the same time when I've downloaded other page e.g. www.onet.pl or google.com a lot of content is downloaded from disk.

RE: Caching files on client - buuuudzik - 20.03.2019

And e.g. Mosaic 3.0 only wijmo.min.css. Bootstrap and other libraries aren't cached. Apps view is cached (all icons and libraries) only widget isn't.

I've attached screenshots.