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ThermoFloor Z-wave problems - oveh - 20.03.2019

After i upgraded the firmware on one of my Heatit Thermostats from ThermoFloor, the model info changed from "Heatit Thermostat TF 021" to "Unknown: type=0003, id=0201"...

I guess some id have changed in the Thermostat when the firmware was updated, and the "openzwave config file" is missing for the new id. I have the same problem with a wall switch i bought from the same vendor a few days ago.

Is it possible to get these devices to work on the Z-wave app? 
I tried to FTP into the LM, but i did not have rights to open the Z-wave app folder, my plan was to edit the config files there...


RE: ThermoFloor Z-wave problems - Daniel. - 21.03.2019

The only what we can do is to update profiles but if they not here then it wont work ether.