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Mosaic was deleted - Jayce - 03.04.2019


I finally got into migrating from Mosaic 2.0 to Mosaic 3.0 since it looks amazing and has a lot of great features. I spent more than whole day working on it while still having Mosaic 2.0 available. Now that I have finished it, I decided that there is no need to have old Mosaic 2.0 installed, so I deleted it. Immediately after I have deleted Mosaic 2.0 I noticed that I haven't updated Mosaic 3.0 to 2019 version yet, I had it at version 2018.... something.. It was the one with the icon same as Mosaic 2.0. So I have updated it. After updating I tried it to see the updates but there is nothing I have created! Seems like everything got deleted somehow. How is this possible? Is there a way to retrieve it? Now I have blank Mosaic 3.0 app and no Mosaic 2.0 since I deleted it. 

Please could you help me?

EDIT: I managed to install Mosaic 2.0 back, it has all the old configuration in it. Still haven't solved Mosaic 3.0 with all the work I have put into it. Any ideas?

RE: Mosaic was deleted - admin - 03.04.2019

It might be that the config key has changed. Run this script and post the results:
keys = storage.keys()

RE: Mosaic was deleted - Jayce - 03.04.2019

I ran the script you sent me. This appeared in Logs:

* table:
 * string: mosaic30-beta:cloud_user:0
 * string: fbeditor:1:diagrams
 * string: PID:Event for Ventilator - Kupelna - Timer (32/1/13)
 * string: mosaic:config:0
 * string: doxsw:alexa:devices2
 * string: central_timer
 * string: CurrLang
 * string: mosaic30-beta:config:0
 * string: mosaic:cloud:0
 * string: doxsw:mobile:android:devices
 * string: mosaic:cloud_user:0
 * string: mosaic30:config:0

RE: Mosaic was deleted - admin - 03.04.2019

Try updating Mosaic 3.0 now and see if it works. If it does not then please send a me backup from your device via PM.

RE: Mosaic was deleted - Jayce - 03.04.2019

Updated to newest 3.0 again, seems like everything is back and working! Thank you very much for such a quick fix.