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RTSP to MJPEG stream - Jayce - 30.05.2019


A while back I asked if I can display RTSP stream on visualization. Since then, I managed to actively convert camera stream from RTSP to MJPEG through VLC media player, sending it to When I create html document with script to play it, I can see the live stream in Google Chrome. Same thing if I only browse to the IP address and port it starts downloading the footage (never ending download since it's a stream). Now that it should be MJPEG since Google Chrome can open it, I need to import it to visualization. I tried simply creating camera button and to URL I added:
It doesn't work though. Am I doing the final step wrong?

RE: RTSP to MJPEG stream - admin - 30.05.2019

Open dev tools in your browser via F12 and check network tab when you open camera in visualization. Post request details here.

RE: RTSP to MJPEG stream - Jayce - 30.05.2019

I have checked the requests as you said, as you can see at the very bottom of first screenshot (requests.png) with red text it has failed, it says didn't respond. As I wrote earlier, when I type the IPTongueort into browser, it immediately starts downloading the footage. Second screenshot (html.png) is HTML script that shows the stream opened in Google Chrome.

RE: RTSP to MJPEG stream - admin - 30.05.2019

Visualization camera element uses img tag, but your example uses video tag. As a workaround you can use iframe with HTML uploaded to LM FTP instead of camera element.

RE: RTSP to MJPEG stream - Jayce - 31.05.2019

Works flawlessly. Thank you once again for help!