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Door lock - DANALOCK? - stemic01 - 26.11.2019

Which door Locks do you guys ingegrate to Your KNX Logic Machine (Wiser) Environment? 

I have been looking at the DANALOCK which seems to have some great features I do like. Especially the sensing  function of my cell phone. When the phone is near the door, it unlock/lock  the door automaticly for you. So no keys, no kodes no nothing. Just open the door. Sounds like a very pleasant feature.  

This Lock could propably live it's life stand-alone disconnected from my LM/KNX system. It comes With an Danalock app (WHICH ALL NEW DEVICES DO - TOO MANY APPS).  So my thinking is,  to limit amount of apps and logins and keep Things simple for other memers of the house. It would be great to have the basic functions of it Integrated to my KNX/LM system. In example the Remote unlocking door and locking door in LM Logic in case of package deliveries, guests arriving, Logic if fire alarm or similar.

Anyone with Danalock experience? Anyone With Danalock Integrated in the LM/Wiser? 
Other Devices which I rather should look into With similar functionallity?