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Logical functions - KoBra - 29.07.2020


i am very used to KNX and using logical controllers with those products but i am looking into maybe adding LM to my portfolio. The problem is i have zero knowledge of scripting...

For example i want to do the following. My MDT heating controller puts out the 0-100% for cooling and 0-100% for heating. I need to make sure i have one 0-100% output.

I looked in the demo online (LM5 Lite) but i could not get any further with it.

I attached schreenshots

RE: Logical functions - admin - 30.07.2020

You can use FBeditor app on LM which uses visual block programming instead of scripts.

RE: Logical functions - Erwin van der Zwart - 30.07.2020


I see Dutch text in your screenshot, if you are located in the Netherlands you could follow a scripting training (part of our Wiser for KNX training) at Schneider Electric done by me (: