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MQTT Manual - Bobby - 29.07.2020


Can anyone create a manual for using the built in broker?
ie i want to use my z-wave motion detector, connected to my smartthings hub to communicate with my KNX/DALI device connected in lm.

BR Bobby

RE: MQTT Manual - Erwin van der Zwart - 29.07.2020


There isn’t a lot to document..

The broker can be enabled, set a port and set users with password and optional encryption.

A client can subscribe to a topic to host or get data and another client or multiple clients can also subscribe to a topic hosted by the broker.

The broker is nothing more then the man in the middle with some retention, that’s it.. Clients are actually the ones that do the work, so if system A subscribes to a certian topic it let the broker know the topic exists, when system B wants this info then it connects to the broker and subscribes to that topic and the broker tells system B where to get the data.

There is some nice info on this website explaining MQTT


Check part 3 for more information about a MQTT Broker 



RE: MQTT Manual - Bobby - 03.09.2020


Just another stupid question, ist the logicmachine client already configured to connect to the installed broker, or what do i need to do?
Found a tutorial how to connect the smartthings hub to the broker, so i am one step closer....

RE: MQTT Manual - Daniel. - 04.09.2020

Read this https://forum.logicmachine.net/showthread.php?tid=2628&pid=16827#pid16827