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Bacnet- Spacelynk - stephan - 24.01.2021


ich finde über das Bacnet app keine Geräte. Übe die software Yabe finde ich alles.

RE: Bacnet- Spacelynk - admin - 25.01.2021

Please post in English next time. Make sure that you have BACnet server disabled when running the client application.

RE: Bacnet- Spacelynk - stephan - 02.02.2021

the server is deactivated. if I hang a wide spacelynk in as a server, I can also find it in the client. Only the two other Bacnet devices are not. But in the software Yabe I find all devices.

RE: Bacnet- Spacelynk - Daniel. - 03.02.2021

How many objects does your bacnet server has?

RE: Bacnet- Spacelynk - Daniel. - 03.02.2021

Try running this script, this is manual scan.
res = io.readproc('bacwi')

RE: Bacnet- Spacelynk - stephan - 03.02.2021

There are 10 objects per Bacnet server. I test the script maker.

the devices are found via the script

bacnet 03.02.2021 19:53:21
* string: 100
2 Wiser for Knx Bacnet Client script executed Spacylink Bacnet Server Deos Ventilation unit Deos Ventilation unit currently not in the network