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CANX Products - davidchispas - 10.02.2021

Hello, I am interested in canx equipment and my question is simple, for a project of a compensatory house to use them exclusively?

It would be to integrate all lights, blinds, underfloor heating, motors ... and to eliminate KNX actuators and focus on this format.

To date, the ones that I have used for on / off actions and they work well. For blinds I see that they would need quite a few scripts. (Movement, Stop, Positioning, Times of each action and live states)

I ask for your most honest opinion.

RE: CANX Products - admin - 10.02.2021

We have a CANx blinds/shutter controller but it does not have position reporting or move to an absolute position feature. You don't need any scripts for basic move/rotate functionality. The scripts were provided to use a relay output as a shutter controller.