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Virtual Web server - svetoslavp - 25.02.2021

Hallo there,
I was thinking is there a way to import some where in the cloud the waiser visualisation? I would like to show how can may look the visualisation on the customers before we even make the contract. I have been showing the visualisation on my previous projects for now, but every time a must open a vpn, make phone calls, to tell the custumer that I will use his project like a reference project.......it is so complicated and I wonder is there a way to put somewhere the project and show it to all custumer?

RE: Virtual Web server - Daniel. - 25.02.2021

This is our demo device http://4n.lv:7999/apps/ admin/admin but anybody has a access to it. The best way is to have your own device in office for this.

RE: Virtual Web server - svetoslavp - 26.02.2021

Nice, thank you for this idea. I was looking for something how to say more cheaper. I am wonder how you do with the limit of 32mb of the back up projects? Right now i have project that is 56MB and when i tried to restore it in the wiser there is a limit of the size of the back up file (Warning: maximum backup size is 32MB.Current database, scripts and visualization will be deleted. Device will reboot to complete system restore) My only idea is to delete the pictures and try to make back up only for the scripts and logic.

RE: Virtual Web server - admin - 26.02.2021

If you have large backup due to images then the images should be optimized. First, choose correct format - JPEG for photos and backgrounds with a lot of details, PNG for simpler graphics. For JPEG images you can set lower quality to reduce the file size. You can also optimize graphics automatically via an online tool: https://tinypng.com/
For vector graphics and plans exported from CAD programs SVG can provide even smaller files.

RE: Virtual Web server - svetoslavp - 02.03.2021

May be i don't understand, i will try to explain you my situation. The project is house and the customer what to control the house through Ipad pro 12.9 inch that means the resulation of the mains pictures must be 2732/1832. If is not there will be a gabs and it look bad. So to optimised the pictures i will change the quality of the pictures and may be the pictures will be on pixels, or i am not right?

RE: Virtual Web server - admin - 02.03.2021

No, you don't have to resize your images. JPEG compression strength is controlled by the "quality" parameter. If 100% quality is used then the file will be very big. Recommended values are 70%-80% which produce smaller size and do not degrade the image that much. Also process your images through https://tinypng.com/

RE: Virtual Web server - svetoslavp - 02.03.2021

Thanks for the explanation. One more question. A change the quality parameter with Photoshop is there a difference between this site  https://tinypng.com/ and the Photoshop?

RE: Virtual Web server - admin - 02.03.2021

Try it, it can still provide some improvement.

RE: Virtual Web server - svetoslavp - 02.03.2021

Nice from 56MB to 10.5MB i really like you! You are awesome!