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Pictures in Visu - Tokatubs - 18.03.2021

What is the correct way to handle pictures in the Visu page. 

Like the example it have to much margins on the side. And i want to zoom it a bit further out. 
Do i need to handle the picture before importing, or is there some possibility inside the Visu section. 
Original picture dont have the margins, so i guess the are chances. 


RE: Pictures in Visu - Daniel. - 19.03.2021

You have to do it before you import it

RE: Pictures in Visu - admin - 19.03.2021

Yes, make sure that the image size matches the actual plan size

RE: Pictures in Visu - Tokatubs - 19.03.2021

Any special programs recommended, inkscape or similar?

RE: Pictures in Visu - Daniel. - 19.03.2021

Nothing special is needed, even widows build in photo editor will crop image. If you want something more PRO and free I can recommend GIMP 2