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Wiser as Mqtt broker - JRP - 04.05.2021

I would like to move the mqtt broker from the installation to wiser with firmware 2.6.0.
In the schneider application store no app appears and even in the internal configuration.
I have read several threads to see what I can do:

In the first one, I download and install the application but it doesn't work. First, it won't let me add users or passwords and the save button doesn't seem to work.
In the second they indicate the installation of several packages, I have not tried it since it is without protection and I would need security functions.

Both refer to the RC2 firmwqre, but I don't know if there is a correspondence with wiser.
Is it possible to have the broker in wiser for KNX?

RE: Wiser as Mqtt broker - Daniel. - 04.05.2021

The broker app is checking for correct firmware version to run, wiser firmware is counted as incorrect.

RE: Wiser as Mqtt broker - JRP - 04.05.2021

OK thank you for answering.