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SpaceLynk with Wiser4KNX app - Vertex3D - 08.04.2022

Hello SmartHome enthusiastics,

I´m struggeling with my SpaceLynk in combination with the Wiser4KNX app.
During the SmartHome project we decided to go with the SpaceLynk instead of the HomeLynk product.
We estimate to have more connectivitiy and flexibility, but it doesn´t seems like this.

Long story short:
I want to connect via Wiser4KNX app to my SpaceLynk but I´m not able to get the connection.
Seems that this is not supported from Schneider Electric.
Do somebody find a way to connect? 

In addition, I want to use the amazon alexa skill which is already open in HomeLynk.
Also here I don´t have a solution.

I would really appriciate if somboday can help me or find together with me a way to make it happen.

Thanks in adance.

RE: SpaceLynk with Wiser4KNX app - Daniel - 08.04.2022

Please contact SE support for this. There is nothing we can do here.

RE: SpaceLynk with Wiser4KNX app - Erwin van der Zwart - 08.04.2022

Contacting our support won’t get you the desired solution..

spaceLYnk simply cannot be connected to the Wiser for KNX remote app (Wiser cloud) and the only way to solve that is changing back to Wiser for KNX hardware.