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DMX Control - khalil - 02.08.2022

In a project I have several DMX Lighting units
I should control On/OFF, Dimming, RGBW channels.

based on above information:

1- Could SL do this job Using RS232 Port.
2- Are there any recommended distance between the SL and the DMX endpoint different than 1000m?
3- What are the maximum recommended channels that I shouldn't exceed.
4- In DMX could I set several units with same address to control it as one channel?

RE: DMX Control - Daniel - 02.08.2022

DMX works over RS485, see this example

RE: DMX Control - admin - 02.08.2022

The maximum recommend length is around 300-400m, you will also need termination resistors on both ends. 3 wire connection (A/B/GND) is strongly recommended. The maximum number of devices should not exceed 32.

Another option is to use an external converter which is controlled via UDP: https://forum.logicmachine.net/showthread.php?tid=1391

RE: DMX Control - khalil - 02.08.2022

Thank you Daniel and Admin

This is the first time I work with DMX.
What is the converter should I use Via UDP, Also I see some KNX / DMX GW which is better.
Also Could I use same address for several DMX units?

RE: DMX Control - admin - 03.08.2022

There are much cheaper UDP controllers but it's hard to tell how stable will they work. UDP is much faster than KNX, in case you need quick response time when many units are controlled at once with different levels.

You can map one group address to multiple DMX units.

RE: DMX Control - khalil - 11.08.2022

(02.08.2022, 14:13)Daniel Wrote: DMX works over RS485, see this example

Hello Daniel 
in SL there is only one RS485 Port
If Port RS485 was used for Modbus, then It reserved for that and couldn't be used for DMX?

RE: DMX Control - Daniel - 11.08.2022


RE: DMX Control - Erwin van der Zwart - 11.08.2022

What you could do is use a PAS400 or PAS600 for Modbus over IP to RTU and use the free port for DMX…