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ZigBee RS232 gateway - edgars - 07.12.2022

ZigBee RS232 gateway is designed to be used in building and industrial automation applications as an extension module to LogicMachine series devices. The device allows connecting ZigBee wireless devices into ecosystem of LogicMachine. The configuration and monitoring of the device is done through separate LogicMachine ZigBee application (freely available in LogicMachine app store). The device is designed for DIN-rail mounting and requires 2 DIN-units.

[Image: ZIGRS232_sm-170x300.png]

  • ZigBee extension for all LogicMachine5 Power devices
  • Up-to 50 ZigBee devices supported per gateway
  • External antenna included

More info can be found here: https://openrb.com/zigbee-rs232-gateway/