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LM Re:actor Lite - edgars - 01.07.2015

LogicMachine Re:actor Lite is all-in-one controller uniting in one device:
  • 34 I/O ports with web configuration¬†(no external software required)

  • Unlimited scenario and logic engine

  • Unlimited visualization platform for PC and for touch devices

  • KNXnet/IP, BACnet IP, ModBus TCP and other IP technologies on-board

  • 1-Wire interface built-in

  • RS-485 for extension boards or 3rd party device integration

  • Powering through Power-over-Ethernet

  • Object logging with trends support and data exporting to external servers
[Image: LM4RCTL_v1_EMBS-295x300.png]
Re:actor Lite offers an unbeatable price ratio for complete installation. 

Please see more here: