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CANx based meter counter
I have an electric meter (ETI DEC-3) that has pulses output. It outputs one pulse each 1.25 watts measured. What is a way to handle these pulses, count them and make a trend from this data?
Impulse counter is not yet implemented in CANx devices. We will add it later.
Wow! Great news! I hope CANx-UIO16 will support this feature. When do you plan to implement it?

BTW. Answering in other my thread (about open collector inputs) I had renewed my knowledge about VALSENA-DIN32 modbus module. One of input modes supported (according reference manual) is impulses counter. First I need to learn manual on electric meter to find out exact impulses specification (open collector, dry contact) and DIN32 to learn does impulses counter is available and how to program this mode.
I'll report about results, but in any case impulses counter is a very useful feature for CANx modules, IMHO.
UIO16 will support impulse counter mode but I can't give an exact time frame on when it will be implemented at the moment.

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