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Open port check from Logic Machine
Is there a script or something to check if an outgoing port is open. It department says the port is open. But i dont seem to get the Lm communicating.
Use this to check if LM can connect to a certain TCP port or not.
function checktcp(ip, port)
  local sock = require('socket').tcp()
  local res, err = sock:connect(ip, port)
  return res, err

-- change IP/PORT as needed
res, err = checktcp('', 80)
if res then
  log('connect OK')
  log('connect ERROR', err)
Ok, thanks. 

Just post this in Resident script and add the ip of the Lm5 and the port 8883. Correct?
No this is the IP/domain where you want to connect to.
Ok, i am trying to test with port 8883. Ping works great. But trying the port.

Ok, then i know the port is still closed.
Thanks for help. 

* arg: 1
  * string: connect ERROR
* arg: 2
  * string: timeout
What port does Zerotier use on the LM, is it 9993. Not getting any confirmation on Zerotier from the LM.
It only says "requesting confirmation". But not seen in Zerotier.
ZeroTier uses 9993 UDP. The example script is for checking connection to TCP servers. Can you try checking port 443?
* string: connect OK

That works. IT just opened the 8883 to for me. Because that was the original thread.

But i cant seem to get the zerotier working. Have 4 other LM on Zerotier, only this one that i am not getting the request at Zerotier.
See this:
9993 was closed on router. Now its working. 

Thanks a lot.

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