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Adding Group Address on Canx App
(31.05.2019, 08:41)Daniel. Wrote: Hi
When I first time tried the app I had the same feelings but it was due to my old ETS habits. When working just in CANx it is much faster just to create new objects while configuring the device. You just press add new and if the naming is OK you just save, otherwise rename it to what you want.  I'm always first configuring all the actuators, creating all the objects and then just link all the sensors. For me this is much faster than ETS.  
The ETS approach make sense only if you actually going to make link between KNX and then you will add objects to each group so the problems you described will not happen.  
Feel free to drop any feedback. Negative is even better as then we can improve Smile

Hi Daniel,

I understand what you mean, and I can agree in some points. But on large buildings or even projects with a lot of light zones i prefer to do it a little different than you.
My process is that I start with making all known GA. In a structure that I use on all my projects. Example:

2 Main: Lights On\Off
1 Middle: 1. Floor.
105 GA: 105 Office [Ceiling Lights] (Pos7.)

This equal:
 2/1/105. Lights On\Off - 1. Floor. - 105 Office [Ceiling Lights] (Pos7.)

Normally I make all of these on just one of the functions at lights. Then copy them to the rest. Its not the fastest way, but then I know that I have full control.  When importing it to LM its very logical and easy to filter.
Some functions that I miss in the canX app.
1.     A way to add several GA. And maybe in a structure like ets? Main – Middle – GA
2.     The possibility to import GA from excel.
3.     The possibility to import GA without datatype from Json.
4.     When adding an object to an GA without datatype, the datatype is automatic set. 
Maybe this is just me being picky about my GA structure. Rolleyes

BR Even Sundgot.

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