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New app - Group monitor
Simple group monitor app is now published in the store. It allows real-time tracking of telegrams that are being sent and received.

This app can help track down scripts that are overloading LM with duplicate telegrams. These are not KNX repeats but telegrams with the same value. We've noticed that some cloud users are sending a lot of duplicate telegrams, sometimes several millions per day.

It usually caused by not using grp.checkwrite/grp.checkupdate instead of grp.write/grp.update in scripts. This produces unnecessary high CPU load on LM and makes it less responsive. In worst case some telegrams can be lost when certain system services cannot process telegrams quickly enough.

Hello admin!

It is very good info. I've just checked this app and it works well, eventually maybe you coud add some filter input or object list for filtering.
Done is better than perfect
Hello! Is it possible to download Group monitor not through the app store, but as a package?

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.ipk   monitor-20220104.ipk (Size: 4.55 KB / Downloads: 40)
(28.04.2022, 09:36)Daniel Wrote: Here

Is this package also working on the Wiser, i don't see this app in the store.
It should
Thank you, Daniel!

But this package for LM Cloud
You can install this app package manually via "Install from file" in the app store.
Thanks it is working, also on a Wiser
Many thanks for the really helpful new app!
Is it possible to show also the origin of the write request e.g. script name/number?
Script name or ID is not included in the telegram data. There's a short "sender" field which can be seen in Object logs ( but it's not currently shown in the Monitor app.

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