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Anlog AO 0-10v
Help hlep!
I am using LM5 RIO2E. I use the output of LM. When I set it up to 10V it only receives at 2.64v output. I tried both channels and the results are the same.
PleaseĀ help me!
To what device are you connecting the analog output?
(24.10.2017, 05:46)admin Wrote: To what device are you connecting the analog output?

Right. I have used it with analog sets. I know the cause. It is because I use 4-20mA analog set. I think the 0-10V output channel of the LM5 as well as the LM3 can handle both types of controllers are 0-10V and 4-20mA.
Thank you!
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Please try resetting the device.
And measure the output voltage of 2 channels when there is no additional load?

If the situation is still the same, then your device may be faulty.
Please contact the supplier.
Everyone help me!
I have Lm5 RIO2, and my dimmer channels are also not dimmer. It just goes up to over 3V, when no additional load it will be 10V. I used the Rio2 LM5 combination dimer with RM1E23v25.
I tried with 5 different LM5s, and still no dimmer gain.

Is it appropriate?
unfortunately we didn't find any information on incoming resistance of this solid state relay. We checked schematics of this SSR, there is optical isolation; therefore seems that this part is powered from the device with 0-10V output / LM. Seems that there is quite high current necessary to operate with optrons. We made initially the 0-10V outputs with quite high resistance. Probably you would need to change one resistor.
Please try running the LM, set 5V on 0-10V output and measure the voltage on relay input. If this is not equal, it means there is not enough current. Please PM or email me, I will send you then the nominal of resistor and place on PCB where to place it.
Thank so much friend!

We had to use an additional device Drago DN2400, convert the signal from 0-10V of LM5 to 4-20ma.
Hopefully in the future the LM5 version will fix this bug.

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