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Microsoft IoT Edge and LogicMachine solution
More information on this device and application notes to come. Possible applications include wide variety of industries where regular building automation has never stepped in Smile
transportation, farms, utilities, greenhouses, mining, shops and warehouses, manufacturing plants and machines etc.

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Fog computing is the future.
What is the status of this? I don’t see it in the products available.
Are there any application notes released?
Hi Michel,
this particular solution was initially developed by request of Microsoft and later stopped due to some internal reasons of theirs.
But there are other devices based on LM platform to develop IoT Edge solutions:
  • our existing LM5 GSM (now also available with LTE modem). Besides all LM supported wired and wireless standards, if there is a need to organize wireless infrastructure in wide range, you are welcome to use our CANx standard based on LoRa 433 modulation. You can easy make your wireless IoT network in multi-km range
  • soon there will be available Outdoor version of IoT Edge controller with prepaid mobile data (500MB) for 10 years across Europe, Russia, USA, China. Attached more information.
  • besides regular LM software, we will offer the ability to use Debian OS on LM devices with CANx/cloud/scripting/LM-app-store/protocols (Modbus, KNX IP,..). This might be useful for bigger companies willing to develop their own applications, solutions, OEM, use regular Debian packages etc. More targeting to IT guys
  • there is no problems with sending data to Azure or other cloud platforms already now, there are ready libraries for that on LM
  • if our cloud platform is used, we will have MQTT subscription based Mosaic visualization - you can subscribe some LMs to specific topic (e.g. Bacnet data) and show it on one common Mosaic visu; another LMs subscribe to another topic (e.g. maintenance data) and use Mosaic visu as central monitoring software to see your LMs' statuses/alerts/.. You will be able to have several separate Mosaic instances. 
  • another option to send data into cloud with LM (as data concentrator) is using LoRaWan 868 client module. We have an extension module based on LoRaWan IC which can be installed on LM5-RIO, LM5-RD, LM IoT Edge Outdoor devices, or other custom device which we can make for your project

Hope this helps!

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.pdf   LM-IoT-Edges_specs.pdf (Size: 476.1 KB / Downloads: 87)
.pdf   LM IoT Edge Outdoor controller_presentation.pdf (Size: 700.18 KB / Downloads: 88)

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