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BLE profiles

I thought that I will share with you all the BLE profiles I collected up to know. If you have some other feel free to add them here. 
Have fun Smile

Attached Files
.lua   awox-aromalightcolor.lua (Size: 1.16 KB / Downloads: 25)
.lua   beewi-smartledcolorbulb.lua (Size: 7.11 KB / Downloads: 10)
.lua   mio-alpha-watch-pulse.lua (Size: 1.16 KB / Downloads: 9)
.lua   raiing-temperature.lua (Size: 937 bytes / Downloads: 11)
.lua   ti-sensortag.lua (Size: 3.01 KB / Downloads: 11)
.lua   universal.v1.lua (Size: 1.21 KB / Downloads: 14)
.lua   xiaomi-miband.lua (Size: 1.71 KB / Downloads: 11)
.lua   xiaomi-miband.v3.lua (Size: 1.93 KB / Downloads: 15)
.lua   xiaomi-miband2.v1.lua (Size: 2.47 KB / Downloads: 16)
why these are not LUA
(13.03.2019, 07:53) Wrote: why these are not LUA

yes, they are
Is there also a profile for: MIPOW Playbulb

Or how to make a profile?
Creating profiles can range from very easy to virtually impossible Smile

BLE does not specify data exchange formats so each manufacturer can do whatever they like including custom authentication/encryption. There are mobile apps that can connect to BLE devices and show available services. Best case scenario that you can find color/brightness control service number and there's no special pairing procedure required. Have a look at awox-aromalightcolor.lua which is an RGB LED lamp with BLE.
Im working on a BLE profile for the xiaome Mi Flora Flower care sensor, this is as far as i have got, i can read the data but not sure how to extract the data i want from the bytes, 
there is available,  light level, soil moisture level and temperature, the location of the data is as per the link below.

sock = ble.sock()
ble.settimeout(sock, 30)
res = ble.connect(sock, "80:EA:CA:88:E5:63")

if res then

  cmd = 0xA0, 0x1F
  --0x03 -- name
  re, er =  ble.sockwritecmd(sock, 0x33, cmd) -- send the magic to allow us to read the data
  log(re, er)
  x = ble.sockreadhnd(sock,0x35) or '' 
a = x:byte(1)
b = x:byte(2)
c = x:byte(3)
d = x:byte(4)
e = x:byte(5)
f = x:byte(6)
g = x:byte(7)
h = x:byte(8)
Try this:
fertility = x:byte(9) * 0x100 + x:byte(10)
sunlight = x:byte(4) * 0x100 + x:byte(5)
temperature = (x:byte(1) * 0x100 + x:byte(2)) / 10

log(fertility, sunlight, temperature)

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