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amati.linea streaming suspended, not accessible!
Hi everybody !
I have used amati.linea streaming and it has the following error:
- Just hear about 5p is shaken
-Is sometimes suspended, not accessible! At that time I re-installed the memory card, and again ok.
I have replaced the memory card about 10 times already, I'm not sure it is a memory card issue.
Is my equipment affected by changing the source of the Led (14W Led) or radio waves, electromagnetic waves?
Hope everybody help please!
I use amati.linea and it is always there. Maybe this is something with your network? Do you use static or dynamic IP ?
Thank Daniel !
Do you use it's long? I use static network!
I've been using it for one year !
Yes 3-4 years by now.
Oh. It is a very long time compared to mine.
Could that be due to your version?
Do you give it a weekly start?
I suffer and many of my clients are also suffering such?
Did I make a mistake or set something wrong? Do you have a backup card for my backups?
Thank so much ! Smile
No do not restart it at all. I use it as my Cinema sound, with Alexa and latest Spotify. I used to use the internal player in the past but now with Spotify I don't use it anymore.
Do you have latest firmware?
No, I used firmware "Streaming_Player2016.06.15.img" !
Do you have latest firmware? Can you share for me that firmware?
Thank friend! Smile

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