CO2 Value strange (LM Ambient)
Hi guys,

in one of our project we installed a LM ambient controller and we are using, of course, the co2 sensor to measure the airquality.
we also installed and extra co2 sensor (KNX, GREEN Line).
if we compare them togehter (see attached picture) the co2 sensor of the ambient (BLUE Line) does very strange things (big jumps) and measures incredible high values.

does everybody has the same behavior? specially the high jumps does make any sense to me

Hi! What is serial number of this device? we had previously LM Ambient with analog air quality sensor, latest comes with digital eCO2 sensor. It shows average value in PPM based on analysis of different gases. Probably if there expressly appeared some gas (smoke, CO2, ..), it might spike like that
i will check the serial number in the next days and send you an PM with it...hopfully this can be a reason for this....

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