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Remote Access Visualization
(29.04.2020, 17:30)Daniel. Wrote: Is the home page loading?
The most I got is that he asked me for username and password. Then it never finishes loading the home page.
Does the same thing happen locally? Maybe there's IP conflict?
(30.04.2020, 06:50)admin Wrote: Does the same thing happen locally? Maybe there's IP conflict?

Locally it is perfect, and with the public IP I also access without problems.

I do not know if it has something to do, but I just created an access without being an Admin, and I was able to access it for the first time, with some slowness but I agreed with 4G, with WIFI impossible.

I was wondering if in LM I had to configure something that I did not know, but when I got access I see that the problem may be in some kind of problem in the network configuration.

I will continue searching ... thank you very much!
(07.02.2020, 12:15)Daniel. Wrote: Hi
There is no out of the box solution to connect to custom visu as custom visu is just a web page which is hosted on LM.  Every router will block it from outside. Mosaic is different story as it is an app which is mirrored on cloud and while connecting remotely you are connecting to cloud not LM itself.
There are 3 options how to connect remotely to custom visu but all of them require some work.
1. Open port on the router to LM. This is the lease secure option but works fine.
2. Create VPN access to your home network.
3. In RC2 fw we added VPN client which will allow to connect to VPN server. We will make some examples and instruction how to set this up.  RC2 is not yet out.

Hello Daniel, do you have any example or manual for the VPN configuration?
This is very good tutorial

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