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Problems with the communication of an IP interface with Logic Machine
Hi guys

I wirite to ask you about the comunication betwen an ip interface and a Logic Machine, I need help with this. I configured both in the same network but It's not possible the comunication. Must I do an special configuration? 

My IP Interface is a Zennio IP interface ( The idea is to have several lines with their respective ip interfaces and these will send information to the Logic Machine, through IP and the logic machine can write in any of these lines if necessary through the ip interfaces.

I have already tried placing the LM in Routing mode, EIBnet / IP Tunneling, but it asks me for an IP tunneling routing, which I do not know what it is. With none of the previous configurations I managed to update a group address that I have in the logic machine. It should be noted that the IP interface works, because with the help of a BMS from Netx Automation, if I can have the updates of the group addresses.

You need an IP router if you want to connect several KNX/TP lines to LM. LM can connect to IP interface via tunnelling, but only to one and LM KNX/TP cannot be used in this case.
The previous thing there is no way that it can be avoided, either with some script, library or some hardware, since for a project it thought in the logic machine so that it collected the information of each line by means of an ip interface and then the LM write in each line to know the ip of each ip interface, especially because in all lines is an obligation to repeat the group addresses and only change the ip of the interface and if you have to do it by ip router, touch filter table and it would be much more complicated. One last question, this inconvenient of not being able to use the ip interface directly, unlike Netx Automation, is a limitation of software or hardware?
LM can only connect to a single IP interface. You need to use IP routers otherwise. This is a software limitation.
This is limitation of KNX. LM act as KNX IP router and if you want other lines to communicate to it you have to use routing not tunneling. This is advantage as to send telegrams between lines you don't need any middle ware like NETx to pass data between lines. Less points of failure.
Hi, I ask for help)
I want to use the spacelYnk as a gateway for knx / ip. Can a Logicmachine work with a knx bus through a spacelYnk and control knx devices? I set LM to the knx / ip routing mode, and the spacelink to the knx / tp mode, but there is no connection ...
What do you mean by no connection? If both use the same multicast and KNX IP is enabled then all telegrams will go trough. I assume you do not use any filters.
I mean, telegrams from the knx do not go to the LM head unit. I did not apply filters, knx/ ip included ....
Then as I mentioned, make sure the multicast is the same and KNX IP enabled. I assume you didn't put ant encryption key.
Hi Danie.l Please see the configuration. What am I doing wrong?
I do not see telegrams on the LM bus.


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.pdf   Screen11.pdf (Size: 128.21 KB / Downloads: 14)
Looks OK, what about of filter table?
I did not include filters
Please show the screenshots.
PS switch language to EN.
Switch might cause issues with multicast traffic. Set one LM to tunnelling mode and connection IP to other LM. Check if KNX traffic shows up.

In tunnel mode it works! Admin, Daniel thanks !

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.pdf   Screen11.pdf (Size: 125.56 KB / Downloads: 8)
.pdf   Screen22.pdf (Size: 110.84 KB / Downloads: 7)
Another thing to try is to run Wireshark on the same network using ip.addr== filter to check KNX multicast traffic
Ok, I'll try!
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