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Reactor "Cur Clamp"

I see that on Reactor GSM there are some Cur Clamp connection points, what is the intended use for this? 
What type of equipment can be used ? 

Reactor GSM

BR Even Sundgot.
These are for AC measurement clamps:
(19.12.2018, 18:27)admin Wrote: These are for AC measurement clamps:

Nice, can you set the parameters of the clamps ? or is it fixed to a specific set of clamps?

Do you have a schematic of how to wire it also?

BR Even Sundgot.
"Cur clamp" inputs are designed for 0-5V range. These clamps have various input current ranges, from 5A to 50A. Wiring is simple: sensor minus goes to GND, sensor plus goes to "cur clamp" input.
Great! Smile Nice function to have.
Is it only Reactor GSM that have these possibilities? or other Reactors also?

BR Even Sundgot.
Haven't tested it, but it might work with 0-30V inputs on other Reactors. Sensor reading will be 6x less precise though.
Hi Again,

I have been in contact with my supplier, and i got a list with the different Reactor types.

Witch of these have the “Cur Clamp” ?
LogicMachine5 Reactor IO Power
LogicMachine5 Reactor IO V2 Power CANx
LogicMachine5 Reactor IO EnOcean Power
LogicMachine5 Reactor Dimmer
LogicMachine5 Reactor Dimmer Power CANx
LogicMachine5 Reactor Dimmer EnOcean
LogicMachine5 Reactor GSM canX with 3G, CAN FT, ModBus, BACnet
LogicMachine5 Reactor GSM with 3G

BR Even Sundgot.

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