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BACnet unit type
Hello, is there a way to add units to bacnet objects (Celsius, ppm etc.)
I think not.
For sure, yes.
Standard units here:

Check out the AI object here:

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The fact that ASHRAE has specified something does not automatically means it is implemented.

Manufacturers have a lot of freedom in BACnet even if a product is BTL listed.

For a BACnet object there are only 3 properties mandatory and those are ID, Name and Type all other properties are optional including the property Unit.

Nice thing to notice is that even the Value property is optional (:

The Unit property is not existing in the BACnet objects that are hosted by the controller.

Sorry, folx. I just joined in and did not realize that this was a product spefic forum. Hence my general remark about the BACnet units.

Obviously, I have never heard of the "Logic machine" controller before.

So, I will just opt to leave this forum as there is not enough hours in a day for me to endulge in this hardware as well.

Carry on!

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Is there any possibility to make more objects availible. Have an integrator complaining about the values exported from the Lm. Smile
Which objects do you miss?
PS. BACnet units will be added in RC2

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