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Adding Group Address on Canx App
I started on my first real Canx project today, and i have some mixed feeling’s regarding adding Group address in Canx App on LM.
1.     Is there an easier way to add several group addresses in Canx App, then adding one by one?
(I know that i can import from a Json file.)

2.     I wanted to import a json from ets, in this case I only used ets to make the GA faster. So, I didn’t add any devices, because this project is only CanX. Used the converter on Openrb.  Then I got the error (Error: missing manufacturer xmls) after adding a device the error disappears.

3.     Since I did not have any objects linked in my GA, they did not have any datatype. When trying to add the json file in to the CanX app all my GA was rejected. There was no button to press for adding GA without datatype, like on LM.

4.     When adding the correct datatype manually to my GA in ets. Almost all my GA was imported. The one that was not imported was 3.007 Dimming Control (4Bit used for dimming)
So, my question is, am I doing something wrong? Or is this the best way to make a lot of GA fast on CANx app?
BR Even Sundgot.

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Adding Group Address on Canx App - by Evens - 30.05.2019, 17:07

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