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LM Visualization is frozen
Hi guys, 

I've been working in an automation project with LM and I´ve 3 LM5 with the visualization frozen, This problem started one week ago, they were working fine but suddenly the visualization got frozen, i tried to update the objects but they just stay in the last value the have, So I reset the device, uploaded the last firmware, used the patch from this post: after that I cleared the web browser caché and nothing works... I have 3 LM in 3 different cities but they're frozen


The last thing I did was to check my web browser console out (Google Chrome) and I got error and warning messages, I put the screen shots attached to this post...

I really appreciate your help and support

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Check if you have the same error with Firefox. Which Chrome version do you have?

It it still does not work, can you do a Wireshark dump when you're connected to LM and send it to us?

I have seen something like this before, in that case it was caused by a update of the anti virus software on the client, could it be the same?



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