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Homelynk modbus 1 byte unsigned integer

I'm trying to control my heatpump with homelynk/wiser via modbus but I can't get it to work. All readable registers work, for example I can read temperatures and the error codes, but writing is a problem. Here's a piece of code from the profile I made for the heatpump where I try to reset the alarms. Manufacturer gave me the register and said it's 1 byte unsigned integer (reset alarm by setting value 1), but there's no modbus mapping for 8u.

{"name": "Alarm reset", "bus_datatype": 5, "type": "register", "address":45171, "writable": "true"},

Any ideas where to go from here?
You could try add modbus datatype and see if uint16 or int16 works.
If you have device connected I would try with script to see what happen when you send raw value.
I forgot to mention that I've already tried to add the modbus datatypes with no success. When I try to do the reset, modbus error log returns "write failed: illegal function".

Here's the manual for the modbus gateway of the heatpump:

Any examples for the script? I'm not familiar with those.
It use function 0x10 for writing to it, add
Thanks, that did the trick.

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