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Issue with BACnet (too much dpts ?!)
We have one plant with 2 Spacelynks and a SCADA software that will get the datapoints from those 2 spacelynks via BACnetIP.

With one of the Spacelynks, the bigger one with aprox. 600 BACnet Datapoints, the SCADA cannot comunicate with all of those 600 Datapoints.

The SCADA imports all of the dpts online from the Spacelynk with no problems and with YABE I can communicate point by point even with those dpts that do not work.

We have tested a smaller project with only a percentage of the dpts and every one works fine, even those ones that doesn't work on the bigger project !

With the technical support of the SCADA maker we tested the communications with Wireshark.

The wireshark captures shows us some errors that appears when the drivers tried to request some variables:

[Image: 1.png]

These errors are documented in the Driver Help entry:

[Image: 2.png]

According to standard document, ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2001 , the errors are due to the device not because the driver, as you could see below:
[Image: 3.png]

Does the spacelynk has a maximum number of BACnet datapoints or does it have enough memory or processing power to serve all of those datapoiints?

Thank you
First 256 objects are COV and the rest has to be pooled. Normally client should cope with it automatically.  Use only one client at the time.
Is there any chance of increasing the 256 to a higher value for COV subscription ?

Thank you
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