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Room color based on temperature off
I would like to make a button on the floor plan on each room.
This will be colored due to offset between set temperature of a room and the temperature status of the room.

1/0/1 temperature status
1/0/2 temperature set point 

For instance if offset is -0.5 -> 0.5 would give green with opacity 0.7

With offset -0.5->-1 gives light blue opacity 0.8 (indicate colder)
With offset 0.5->1 gives light orange opacity 0.8 (indicate hotter)

And so on. The script should find correct values to calculate with based on room number. Then calculate and make button correct color 

On click of button the room widget opens.

Anybody found a way to make this?

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I'am thinking somethink like this

Either the whole room or Just the button displaying the temperature.

Is this possible?

It will be very easy for the customer to see what room he needs to attend to.
Here it is a gradent view that fades over to red or blue based on temperature
Have a look here
Thanks for link. I went for this
Script as it checks setp and temp in room with class fu ction. I get this to workon text and change text color.
In case I add an icon it doesnt work. Is it possible to change a white picture or a blank picture(to make a room box?)
This will let you change image color.
Add img or object with attached svg and add additional calsss ' custom' to it
Add this to custom JS
  if (typeof grp === 'object') {
    grp.listen('32/1/1', function(obj) {
      $('.custom').css('filter', 'hue-rotate(' + (obj.value * 3) + 'deg)');
Image color will change based on the value in object 32/1/1, change as needed.

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