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enOcean compatibility
Hi all,

I use a NodOn 2 chanels micromodule (D2-01-02) that I want to drive by my Wiser For Knx controler, with the KNX>>enOcean mecanism.

Mapping and learning is correct, but when I define a F6-02-01 profile (rocker switch x2), output of the 2 chanels micromodule are flashing once instead of staying steady in the "on" position.

PS : when I try to use a D05-00-01 profile, all is good.

Do you know this behaviour ? Any solution ?

Thank's in advance.
It's hard to pin-point the issue because EnOcean switch "emulation" in somewhat tricky because two telegrams are sent - one for push "another" for "release". If it works with another profile then use it, there's not difference from system point of view.

it's that I made using the D05-00-01 profil (a very classic one for on/off) but it's strange for users than F6-02-01 profile is announced in the Wiser For Knx enOcean profils list and that it does not work.

Thank's for your precisions.

Looking at the EEP of both profiles I notice this:

D5-00-01 uses DB0.1 for open close and DB0.3 = for learn (pressed)

F6-01-02 uses DB0.1 and DB0.2 for 4 different states (value 0 to 3) but also reserved DB0.3, however this bit is not used in F6-01-02 according to the EEP, but is declared for "Rocker 2th Action", the documented profile values are only 0,1,2 and 3 so bit 3 will always be 0.

The telegram send by these 2 profiles are not the same, if your device is responding correct on a D5-00-01 telegram then the implementation of the profile is not correct in the device if it uses F6-01-02.

As you mentioned the D2-01-02 profile, this is a VLD (variable length) datagram and is not supported so what is the actual prescribed profile you need to use for your device?

As admin already stated, if you have a profile that works you can use it as its only a matter of picking the correct bit from the datagram that is handled by the profile..



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