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How many Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa) can be connected to a logic machine?
Good companions, the following is to ask if there is a maximum number of Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa), which can be linked to a single logic machine. I ask because I have an installation where an average of 24 devices would be connected. In addition to the above, there is some way that I can use this device, to send orders to the logic machine without needing internet connection, I ask because some works these devices will not have internet connection and will be used with a local network as well as the logic machine. Finally, there is some way to use this device but not by the App, but by Script or other methods, which would allow greater control over the device. Thank you and I am attentive.
1. There is no limit for the amount of Alexa devices but they can be linked only to one amazon account.
2. Alexa does nothing without internet connection so no this is not possible.
3. Only integration via app is possible.
Internet connection is required because speech recognition happens in Amazon cloud. There's no direct connection between Echo Dot and LM. Communication chain: Echo Dot > Amazon cloud > LM cloud > LM.

Is possible to turn on two differents lights saved with the same device's name in Alexa app?, using two differents Echo dot so each one control one light.

For example, there are two bedrooms and each one have a central ligth both are saved with the same name and  there is an Echo that due turn on the ligth of the bedroom where it is.
Amazon does not allow this. You would need two different accounts for this. You can use only one account per LM.

In one of the our project we are using LM ambient (latest firmware) for integration of alexa with Harman/Kardon (Alexa enabled) speaker. I enabled the Logic Machine skills in the Amazon Alexa app and added the device in the Amazon Alexa app in the Logic Machine. When i tried to added the skills it shows the only power state ,thermostat,brightness etc.but it not showing the friendly name like shown in Amazon alexa echo.
What do you see in amazon website?

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