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Trend Log accuracy?

I have searched earlier posts on the forum, but i still feel like i can't trust the "trend log" to accurately count values like kwh consumption. Can someone please tell med wich settings to use if i do not want average calculations?

If i say for example that i want to know the kwh consumption for september and october. What is the setting i must use to get this accurate?

Say that:
At clock 00:00 the 1.september, the kwh reported from the measuring device is 1000 kwh.
At clock 00:00 the 1.october,     the kwh reported from the measuring device is 2000 kwh.
At clock 00:00 the 1.november, the kwh reported from the measuring device is 3000 kwh.

This would give med a consumption of 1000 kwh for september, and 1000kwh for october.

Is it possible to have an accuracy of 1 kwh counting with "trend log" in LM, and fetch the counted value each month for presentation?

For counter mode you must use average. There might be a tiny difference in values due to data aggregation. If you want an exact value then use a scheduled script that calculates consumption delta between current value and previous month.

Is is possible to assume aprox how much difference counting will be? Are we talking about 1% off, or will it be several procentages off?

Is it possible for you to add an accurate consumtion delta to the trend in future upgrades of the firmware?

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I assume it will be much better than 1%. You can create two trends - one with counter mode, another with absolute value then compare the results.
Thanks. I will try to compare with absolute.

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