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Alarm system (Intrusion, Fire, Water)
I have been looking into integrating an alarmsystem to my setup. IT MUST BE A WIRELESS SYSTEM. 

Which system would I go for if I wanted a system covering the following? 
- Fire alarms with about 5 detectors in different parts of the house 
- Water sensor alarms (About 3 detectors)
- Door and window sensors (5doors, 8 Windows)

I see there are a bunch of products on the market, but which Wireless system would I want if i wanted to integrate all of this into my LogicMachine/KNX environment With Logic and functionallity? 
- Logic when fire alarm goes (Alert, lights control, unlock doors etc). 
- Logic when water alarm triggers (Close main water inlet valve)
- Logic when burglar alarm is triggered (Activate cam, sound alarm, alert by SMS, light control etc). 
- Logic when door/window is not closed (Ventilation, Heating, warning etc). 

  •  Cavius
    I really like what I see from Cavius as it covers most of what I need - except for the KNX/Logic Machine integration with logics. If this system with hub could connect with my LM I think this would be a great solution. Nice design, nice features and all "alarm" sensor/system I need. 
    Can it be integrated with my Wiser/LM system?

  • Netatmo
    Also have some nice products which seems like they might integrate to LM?
    Anyone tried this? How well is the integration to my Wiser/LM?

  • Google Nest 
    Google nest could possibly do some of the things I want too, but not quite sure how it would work. 
    I am planing for the Amazon Echo (Alexa) or the Google system to be integrated to voice control the house.

  •  Atmos Homey
    I see that the Atmos does a lot of things and can connect to thousands of devices and also have a KNX gateway to allow it and all its connected devices communicate. 
    This seems very interesting as it opens up the full freedom of integrating whatever you choose in to your system. It gives you a broad range of sensors, triggers and components which can be integrated to your system.  is this the way to go as it may also solve others problems with weather stations, alarm sysstems, sensors, door locks etc. 
    How well is this integrated to a LM/Wiser system? Is it a proper 2-way communication so you can take full advantage of the components connected? Will all components be possible to call from the LM?

    OR would you rather move most logic away from the Wiser/LogicMachine and to the Homey in a setup like this? 


Schneider Wiser (homeLynk), DALI controller, Actuators and Multitouch Pro buttons. Panasonic Heating pump, Flexit balanced ventilation. Lemus Speaker system.
I have integrated Paradox EVOHD/RTX3 with SpaceLYnk via the Elausys gateway PCB. Works perfekt. In addition to the functions you mention, you can also use the alarm PIR detectors to switch lights on and off (even in disarmed state). Saves you the need for KNX motion detectors in those rooms/hallways where you have PIRs.

This solution is good for people who have a certified professional alarm system (such as Paradox) as a key requirement and then ALSO want alarm and KNX to be connected.


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Anyone tried the RING alarmsystem and if it is possible to integrate this to the LM/WISER in any way?
The system looks simple and Nice to install, but I think it would be great if it also could Connect to LM for extended integration.

Especially for door/window sensors. Trigger modes if alarm is triggered. Activate alarm while leaving the house (I.E. for Travel mode - Code panel for deactivate alarm is OK).
Schneider Wiser (homeLynk), DALI controller, Actuators and Multitouch Pro buttons. Panasonic Heating pump, Flexit balanced ventilation. Lemus Speaker system.

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