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Anybus modbus/tcp ->mbus
Has anybody done an integration of a Anybus gateway on modbus tcp?
I am struggling with the register and probably the datatypes. Does this unit combine registers??
Trying to integrate a UH50 energy meter that is mbus and have the data from the meter in the web portal of the anybus meter, but dont understand the profile.

Have external access to the anybus if someone could help  Huh
Do you have any manuals for modbus registry?
Have you seen this video?
It explains how meters are configured and how register mapping works.
Each value uses 10 registers in total, where each register block is used as following:
Yes I have seen the video, but still doesnt understand how to "join" several registers to one output..
I am not very experienced with modbus integrations.

Want to present the values as knx objects.

Attached is the manual for the anybus.

Far off?  Blush

Attached Files Image(s)
.pdf   hms-scm-1202-0096.pdf (Size: 2.6 MB / Downloads: 5)
.json   anybus_UH6.json (Size: 2.53 KB / Downloads: 4)
It is good practice to first start with 1,2 registers to check if it works. Later you can add rest of registers. Where from did you get the "readable":"true" ?? delete it, Ignore the "Read_swap" for now. You also have few registers with the same address. I would start from just meter value register 20 (datatype int64)
Thank you so much :-)
bus_datatype should be int64
(19.03.2020, 14:06)Daniel. Wrote: bus_datatype should be int64
That worked :-) Thanks again.

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