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RAM is Overloaded with Various Internet URL Frames
Hello colleagues, the following thread is to tell you that I have a visualization for different guests in a hotel (from 12 to 14), in these displays for each guest, I have 6 newspaper page iFrames which the hotel requested that the client could look but inside the visualization, in such a way that the guest does not have to leave the visualization to open another browser tab, for which the above was solved using some iframe from the newspapers. The problem is happening that when I give it in preview (/ scada-vis), the browser goes from consuming on my computer from 1.6 GB of Ram to 4 GB, in addition that the CPU use also increases and remains until it closes. the preview tab and that's when the RAM and CPU consumption is reset. Probe eliminating the pages of newspapers and giving it to preview the navigation pages, neither the consumption of RAM nor that of the CPU were overloaded (the consumption of RAM did not exceed 1.8 GB) which made me realize note that the increase in resources was caused by Iframes. So my questions are
1. If all the iframes are loaded parallel to when you preview it?
2. Is there a way that they are not loaded in parallel and only when the client goes to that page where the Iframe is?

I will show some photos that demonstrate the consumption of the ram with the Iframes (Ima1) and without the newspaper Iframe (Ima2)

Just to explain, the controller only creates a html page and that is loaded by the client browser, any page loaded in a iframe is happening client side as the controller has added a <iframe> element in the html code and the browser will load the source that is assigned to the element. In the last versions of FW is a extra option to prevent the loading of the iframe source when the plan that is holding the iframe is not active (in  the background) to avoid streaming of the source in the background, the checkbox “persistant” is default disabled so you could check that, the rest is happening client side so there is nothing you can do from the controller..


ok. Thank you

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