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Z-wave or Zigbee advice for Wiser?
I have a Schneider Wiser Logic module which gives me great world of possibillties which is great.  All my KNX Components, weather station, AC and more is Integrated and is working quite well I would say. 

I see there are a great bunch of new wireless and interesting products released on the Z-wave and Zigbee communication plattforms. For me now; - especially the wireless sensors for doors & windows, water detectors, maybe fire alarms, light and air quality sensors and some power measurment / controling socket devices etc.    

1. Is one better than the other of these two? Stabillity / Range / Price / number of Product range using the plattform.

2. What is the best way to integrate this to my Wiser / Logic Machine setup? 
    Z-wave/Zigbee USB dongle, Homey With KNX module or other solution?

3. Is there a list of recommended / supported dongles?  Any of them With an external antenna to give better range?

4. How will these Components be visible in my Logic Machine and is it straight forward to integrate them to my Wiser/Logic machine and update via Group addresses like other KNX Components? (Sorry, I have not searched the forum for this yet)

Thank you for Your advice.
Schneider Wiser (homeLynk), DALI controller, Actuators and Multitouch Pro buttons. Panasonic Heating pump, Flexit balanced ventilation. Lemus Speaker system.
Will keep waiting with the same questions))
I was using Z-Wave dongle directly with the LM. I have since turned away from this and added a raspberry pi to my network running zwave2mqtt, nodered and deconz (for zigbee) in docker. All integration between LM and Zwave/Zigbee is done with NodeRED using the KNX (for LM communication), MQTT (for zwave) and Deconz (for zigbee) palettes in NodeRED. This has provided me with a MUCH more stable and faster integration, which also receives updates.
Hello, I have an lm5 reactor, the zwave application does not work, I have already restarted several times and it still does not work in ezlo pend drive, it is very difficult to see logic as a gateway for other protocols from knx
Paste what you see in System logs under System Status.

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