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LoRa Range
looking on a project where we need to install a LoRa relay remotely from the main LM controller and LoRa gateway.
The distance is over 500mtrs between relay and Gateway. Also the Gateway will be installed in a metal shipping  container and also both Relay and Gateway will be installed in metal enclosures. 
So the question is would LoRa still work ?
Could we replace the on board aerials with external Areials ?

Thank you.

For sure this will not work. Even if it would be out of the panel our little antenna wouldn't work on this distance, it works for around 300m. For any longer distances you need bigger antenna outside of your panel.  SF12 or maybe SF11 will be needed.
Here is photo how to re-solder the antenna.

This has to be 433MHz antenna with 4dbi. Will send you on email some links.

Have a read some articles as many factors can influence the range

thank you Daniel

We have a project with LoRa with ~50m between devices. We can't get connection inside the control room. We tried installing the gateway in a box outside and just get -97dB ping response and sometimes it goes to timeout.

Our next move will be installing antennas. @Daniel, can you send me some links were to buy them?

André Neves
Have you tried setting lower SF value?

Right now we have SF10. We made some tests before going to the site and it worked OK in the office. I did not had a chance to change it on site yet.
With a direct line of sight we got around 300m range using SF10 with standard "spring" antenna. But for longer range to work properly at least one node needs to be elevated.
(26.11.2020, 18:55)admin Wrote: With a direct line of sight we got around 300m range using SF10 with standard "spring" antenna. But for longer range to work properly at least one node needs to be elevated.

I don´t have line of sight. The nodes are not at the same level. The site is a garden and the second node is on a lower step, inside an utility room. The difference in height between them is about 6~8m. Is it possible that this is causing the bad communication?

I was not predicting this problem, the distance on site is really bellow the 300m.

Can you send me some links for antennas? I can only find 433MHz with 3dBi or less...
These antennas provide good signal levels and are relatively cheap:
A slight disadvantage is that it has to be mounted on a 2mm PC/ABS plastic sheet and some manual soldering is required.

This is a possible replacement but it has not been tested yet:

Also keep in mind that all antennas should be oriented the same way for better performance. You should also check which orientation provides the best signal level in your installation.

The dBi figures for antennas from AliExpress are usually not true at all Smile

Another thing to keep in mind that for the best performance standard antennas require a ground plane - either using wires or a big PCB beneath the antenna. Here's a good but more expensive solution:

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