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Sensors and Central unit on Ethernet + Modbus TCP
I just start this trade, since I`m busy to find the right sensors solution for me.

Well, not that easy if you do not like the cloud and [/font][/size]I'm also very picky about Sensors. In general, I have seen something around 200 euros or something that can be expanded in this price range after the initial purchase. So at least future expansion has to be less than 200 euros and of course, cheaper is always better but without compromising (runs and don't make me runing).

Will not start a new post but adjust the following part:

Version 19.09.2020 / no guarantee

Place of honor

LogicMachine Ambient


Standing alone Sensor without Central unit:
Nano Temperature Sensor PoE / HTTP, TCP, SNMP, MODBUS TCP

Gateway for several radio sensors / Large selection of sensors:
HD35APW Central unit with Ethernet + Modbus TCP
Sensor HD35: Design for inside and another outside Desing. Available metrics: Temperature, amount of rain, illuminance, Co2, Co, atmospheric pressure, UVA, UVB, UVC.
Delta OHM -

Once a common industry standard, but I'll find something for homeuse:

Under review

rtl_433 SDR-RTL Dongle on a Raspberry Pi

No longer pursued but maybe interesting for you. There are also no Ethernet + Modbus TCP Sensors in

TCW210-TH Modbus TCP Standing wired alone unit / NBWS100T by SE / TandD RTR-500NW / Sensors RTR-574 and RTR-501(Gate for several radio sensors / XML file) / ALLNET ALL3419 (Gate for several a few wired sensors)/
Teracom TST300 / HWg-STE IP-Thermometer / Arexx BS-1000 Gate for several radio sensors (HTTP get and post) / Testo / TME / sensorProbe2 / Newsteo / AiroSensor / TME multi / Papago 2PT ETH / Querx TH.

ALTA Ethernet Gateway incl. POE MODBUS TCP Note: Difficult to see, but they have recurring usage fee. Setup needs a online Platform Same model sold also under KWJ WSN Ethernet Gateway, KWJ WSN Ethernet Gateway, Alta Power, ION and and and...... but after the third, i do not more check in detail.
Did you check our LogicMachine Ambient?
(17.09.2020, 07:34)Daniel. Wrote: Did you check our LogicMachine Ambient?

Good to know and interesting but a single temperature doesn't help me. The LogicMachine Ambient becomes interesting for me as a back-up, when the LM becomes systemically relevant. Of course, two control units above are at the same price, but they read more than one temp. sensors which are cheaper than the unit and at least one of the two units can may communicate very clearly with the LM without a cloud. Additionally this two units are already used professionally in tricky situations, so they are even more than a semiprofessional sensor solution.

However, Co2 Sensors are expensive, so the LogicMachine Ambient is possibly even a free back-up for a LogicMachine light or the better first choice - is there really a Co2 sensor in. Whereby Co2 sensors probably cost more than 500 euros and are calibrated annually.

Explanation of the previous execution:

The logic machine is currently monitoring an energy counter. The energy meter can also warn without LM. The energy meter monitors a heat pump compressor. If the compressor loses refrigerant or a pressure reducing valve fails, we are talking about additional electricity costs of easily 500 euros in 1 month - Even if the failures are so minor that the pump control does not respond. Only that covers the acquisition costs of the LM ... but in additional, I can compare with the LM 3 temperature sensor (outside, next to the swedish stove and on the upper floor) with the energy meter, so I can tell you how much of the 6kW healing power of the swedish stove no longer flows from the power grid to the heat pump. But really interssting will be: can I use a brand new 36,000 euro heat pump until it is dead, or do I have to replace it prematurely since the Swedish stove cannot bridge a situation? Can I reduce heat pump wear in the 2-3 weeks of hardness so that it runs a few years longer? The thermal conditions of the Swedish stove are ideal due to its location in the building, can I still optimize something through ventilation - than we are quickly by 8 temperature sensors... Photovoltaic precalculation? Switch on mobile air conditioning with heating function? So finally, the LM5 in my house is all about money and future costs and not for dimming lights. That the exhaust air from air conditioning systems is still enough to cool solar panels has been known for 10 years ... I like the LM5 therefore my extensive answer to thank you! It enables the individual solution that is otherwise difficult to pay for.

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