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1-Wire-Sensors on LM5p2-KC

Are there use-cases / application-notes available in regards of 1-Wire-Sensors being connected to a LM5p2-KC (SW: 20200720)?

In particular use-cases & application-notes discussing the integration of Temperature- (DS18B20) and Humidity-Sensors (TSH202) would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & kind regards
This LM has no 1 wire interface.
(07.12.2020, 10:33)Daniel. Wrote: This LM has no 1 wire interface.
Very well - thank you for the quick response Daniel

Although, by referring to "LM5_KC_manual_6.2019.pdf" page 227 ff, it brings up the question of how rather than if. 

Unless you're statement would point out, that there should be no way of having 1-Wire-Sensors connected to a LM5p2-KC (and hence the LM5_KC_manual made false statements?).

Thanks & kind regards
you can have 1-wire on this device as well, through USB-1wire adapter DS9490R. We have built-in driver for that.
(10.12.2020, 08:29)edgars Wrote: you can have 1-wire on this device as well, through USB-1wire adapter DS9490R. We have built-in driver for that.
Thank you Edgars for your valuable answer.

So, I understand; integration of 1-Wire-Devices on LM5 is possible by using its USB-Interface.
Thus, we will see, where we may find this "DS9490R#-ND Dongle" - which seems to be rather difficult to get - at least in Switzerland.

Please allow two follow-Up-Questions:

a) On LM5p2-KC; Would there be any other (field proven) methods available like for instance by using interfaces like; 
- RS-482
- CANx

b) In case, using USB-Interface on the would be the only (yet) available method, would you know any alternative arrangement / packaging / housing for the "DS9490R#-ND Dongle" ... eg. something, that would fit on a DIN-Rail and being equipped with terminals?

Kind regards
1-Wire is not the most stable bus. You still need 3 wires in most cases. Temperature sensors can be bus-powered they won't work like this on longer networks. Sometimes an additional capacitor is needed between GND and +5V near the sensor otherwise readings might fail.
Have you considered ZigBee if you need temperature/humidity sensors?

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