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Return on investment.
No warranty update 02.01.2020:

Finally everything is about cost. So how to get a return on investment for an LM and meters? I use the following not profiled cost analysis for a return on investment for an unrecognized air heater pump error (for homeowners) based on values on an energy meter that measures the consumption of the compressor heat pump unit. Then I turning the air heater pump for 2.5 days off and getting the manufacturer kWh max. use over 24 hours of electrical heating in the main heat buffer of the heating system (the energy use of the emergency system). So it is an assumption because room temperatures changed slightly and the energy demand of the emergency system is an assumption.

So in acceptance (unconfirmed): If the manufacturer's system control does not receive an error possibility on optimisation and the following device receives getting a abnormality in the system so it will by fixed, which may leads to add. costs, the refund by less than + 5 ° C outside temperature and a heat pump greater than 8 kWh will by approximately for the Hardware (excl. installations costs):
A singel Nano temperature sensor POE = 0.3 month in winter season (by less than +5°C)
Logic machine 5 lite = 3 month in winter season (by less than +5°C)
Energy meter TCP / IP = 3 month in winter season (by less than +5°C)
Heat meter TCP/IP = 6-8 month in winter season

and this month are without depreciation of additional wear and tear by errors on the air heater pump.
Sorry for the double post, but I think it makes sense to underline the first one:

Even the attachment of the energy certificate shows an annual consumption of 7500 kWh (per year) for my air-water heat pump with an operation of 55 ° C system flow (What is needed for radiators). I think, that is still without operator, installation or manufacturers errors.

Since it is now goes to the topic of singel split air conditioning units with heat function (output just 75% less at -7 °C than by 5°C), which will be used to support and run parallel to the air-water heating system to reduce there flow of 55°C in the Air Wather pump system controler. Manufacturers who want to upgrade there singel split air conditioning units to Modbus have already been located, even if they can't promise anything yet. Larger systems that already have MODBUS do not make any sense. There are small wall units with a single connection to the outdoor unit achieve dream values up to a outside Temperatur of -30° C.

So based on both of the previous paragraphs, the LM5 got the definition systemically relevant and I now have to deal with the LM Ambiance as a spare part since it has a really interssting Price-performance.


Is it possibel to add the Ambiance to here and were we are with Zigbee? Make it sense to wait a few month?

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