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Kamstrup Multical 603 HC-003-82 Modbus TCP/IP flow cold heat energy meter
Hi all,

For visitors:

If you come through google, because you are looking for a heat energy meter, this is a serious solution for bigger headaches. 6 kw or more of heating capacity (out put) should play along.... Private use is not excluded and by air water heat pumps heating with an output of 8 kW or bigger incl. heating water temperatures above 45 ° C, I see it as needed. But that's just my opinion. This heat flow meter has no mechanical parts, so no mechanical wear and tear.

About the Meter (Only as overview, reliable information only on the manufacturer's website):

The Kamstrup "Multical 603" with the "HC-003-82" modul for Modbus TCP/IP is a  high end heat meter and of course, there are also other modules for further interfaces. However, a Multical 603 has slots for 2 interfaces. The TCP / IP interfaces requires a 220V connection which we solve by a simple socket. It can handle 1 or 2 Ultraflow-54J. The second Ultraflow is only required by leak monitoring. So the 2 ultraflow solution is definitely not for the private market use. In addition, the 1 ultraflow solution can be upgraded to a 2 ultraflow solution at any time.

It doesn't have a web interface. The supplier should therefore set the Modbus TCP/IP solution with the following parameters in advance: IP-Adresse, Subnet, Gateway or you can download the METERTOOL HCW from Kamstrump and buy the USB read head, which costs another 200-300 euros and this are not the main cost. But there's something damn good coming which even makes my Swiss field engineer heart beat faster. It only looks partially a bit cheaper if you unscrew the cover of the control, but even the sight looks is far more professional than what you see today under other control covers, even by well-known brands. It also consists of several parts, which can be purchased as separate individually in the event of damage. That alone shows the professionalism of the solution...... The 2 x temperature sensors as well as the ultrasonic flow meter is to built into the heating pipe. So there is pipe work to do.

Product link:

Modbus register mapping link:

Problem solved update 01.01.2021:

  "manufacturer": "Hugo",
  "description": "Multical_603_WZ_HC-003-82_V15",
  "mapping": [
    { "name": "Flow", "bus_datatype": "int32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 153, "units": "l/h" },
    { "name": "T1 Actual", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 159, "value_multiplier": 0.01, "units": "°C" },
    { "name": "T2 Actual", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 161, "value_multiplier": 0.01, "units": "°C" },
    { "name": "T1-T2 Actual", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 167, "value_multiplier": 0.01, "units": "°C" },
    { "name": "Actual Power", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 157, "value_multiplier": 100, "units": "W" },
    { "name": "Actual Power", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 157, "value_multiplier": 0.1, "units": "kW" },
    { "name": "Heat Energy E1 MWh", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 173, "value_multiplier": 0.01, "units": "MWh" },
    { "name": "Heat Energy E1 kWh", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 173, "value_multiplier": 10, "units": "kWh" },
    { "name": "Heat Energy E1 Wh", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 173, "value_multiplier": 10000, "units": "Wh" },
    { "name": "Heat Energy E1 2021", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 173, "value_multiplier": 10, "value_base": -350, "units": "kWh" },
    { "name": "Cold Energy E3 kWh", "bus_datatype": "float32", "datatype": "int32", "type": "register", "address": 177, "value_multiplier": 10, "units": "kWh" }


The device can be ordered in various E1 (Total Heat Energy) resolutions.
E3 is e.g. de-icing, i.e. when E1 becomes negative.
The meter can be ordered as a cold, heat and cold heat meter. But it is only about the display information. The heat and cold data should always be in the memory. But better ask again when ordering.

Acknowledgments link (German and French):

best regards and happy new year


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